Lutheran Beliefs

The majority of religions are closely related to their belief that the God they worship is all-knowing, and Lutherans are no different. While the religion itself is actually broken up into many different branches, these are more about geographical location than differences between groups of people. Administration is done on a local level, but there are meetings between different branches to help them keep their faith on the track that Martin Luther began centuries ago.

One of the most important beliefs for modern Lutherans is that only God’s grace will save humanity from its many sins. This has always been a large part of what melds them into a congregation, and they pray for their own forgiveness along with that of their fellow man. Parishioners do good deeds, pray on a regular basis, and they believe that only through their church will they be able to live a good enough life to uphold their faith.

Faith in God is another cornerstone of the church, and members believe that they will be unable to survive without it. They depend heavily upon the scriptures to help them find and nurture their feeling that there is a god, and only through their beliefs will they be able to serve as part of a congregation. If they find their faith lagging, it is incumbent upon them to work towards regaining it. Other members of the church may be able to assist them, but the responsibility for believing is laid upon each member.

One of the deepest beliefs of Lutherans is that the world was made pure and sinless by God, and it is humanity that must keep it that way. Their work while they are on the Earth is to do good deeds, pray for guidance, and work towards returning the world to what it was originally intended. Each day, their tasks will prove their faith as they strive for this goal.