Inside Lutheran Churches

Originally based in Roman Catholic theology, there are few visible differences between Lutheran and Catholic churches. Churches built by the Lutherans followed the same central area for the altar as well as a large area for the congregation to meet. Many of the congregations decorated their windows in the Roman Catholic manner as well. They created beautiful stained glass windows with scenes from the Bible. This has held true even in the modern buildings.

The Lutheran denomination continues to spread in many parts of the world. New churches are still being constructed. In the past, many churches had nearly unlimited funds to create beautiful church buildings. That is no longer true in today's economy. Many churches do their best to create a building that is sufficient for their congregation while staying within strict budget limits. Cutting costs does not mean cutting corners. New churches are still built around the theme of the Biblical teachings.

Stained glass windows are just as expensive now as in the past. Artisans that create these beautiful pieces command a high price. Church builders with limited budgets have found a new option for including these windows in their buildings. Rather than use stained glass, they now use regular glass windows and cover them with glass decals or glass transfers. The same pictures and themes can be represented at a fraction of the cost.

There are many limitations when building new churches. Cost is generally the deciding factor. New buildings no longer have graceful steeples with bells cast in metal for the church. These items have been supplanted by electronic bells that can be programmed to ring by the staff at the church. This is yet another way church congregations have been able to keep their traditions while saving building costs. The sound of the church bell calling the faithful remains the same, but costs much less to build and operate.