St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

One of the more famous Lutheran churches is St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Germany. It was originally built as a Roman Catholic Church. This was...


Inside Lutheran Churches

Originally based in Roman Catholic theology, there are few visible differences between Lutheran and Catholic churches. Churches built by the Lutherans followed the same central...


A Lutheran Education

As one of the first churches to break off from the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutherans have many of their own educational programs. They believe...


The Ritual of Confession

While Martin Luther felt the Catholic Church had strayed far from the scripture, he was not completely opposed to the basic religious practices of the...


Lutheran Church Buildings

Many of the buildings where Lutherans worshipped in Germany were originally Roman Catholic churches. When the movement began in northwest Germany, Luther found he had...


Lutheran Beliefs

The majority of religions are closely related to their belief that the God they worship is all-knowing, and Lutherans are no different. While the religion...

There have been a number of offshoots of the Roman Catholic religion. Many of the founders of these churches believed Rome was ignoring scripture from the Bible. When their protests went unanswered, they often formed their own churches that grew into separate denominations. The first of these was the Lutheran Church. Its basic theology is the based on the Christian Bible, but also adds the teachings of Martin Luther, a Roman Catholic monk. Luther believed the Church had strayed far from the teachings of Christ.

Luther posted his ninety-five Theses with the Catholic Church in hopes the church would return to scripture based practices. When the Church refused to enact reforms, Luther's followers broke away from the church and formed the Lutheran sect. It flourished and eventually spread to many countries around the world. The Lutherans have their own churches and administrators to run them. Today, they are the largest denomination of Protestant churches around the world.